Will Lawton Music

A brief catalog of recordings

Below is a list of musical work that I have collaborated in, listed in reverse chronological order.

Band: Will Lawton & Weasel Howlett
Title: Fossils Of The Mind
Year: 2018

Fossils of the Mind

Abraham’s Theme – Fossils of the Mind Version (Vangelis)
Hope (Lawton)
Golden Ratio (Howlett/Lawton)
Atlantic-O (Lawton)
Panacea (Lawton)
Hermit Crab (Baron/Howlett/Lawton)
Release (Lawton)
Peace (Lawton/Muttock)
Step Nine (Lawton)
Dharma (Lawton)
Sleep (Lawton)

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Band: The Home Fires
Title: This Too Shall Pass
Year: 2013

Front Cover Artwork

This Too Shall Pass

1. Ladybird
2. Celebrity
3. Born & Bred
4. Life
5. The Sea
6. Cows On The Beach
7. Big Brown Shoes
8. The Tale Of Morgan’s Hill
9. Dandelions
10. Song From The Ditch
11. Breathe

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Band: Will Lawton (Solo)
Title: The Wood Room Session
Year: 2012

The Wood Room Session

The Wood Room Session

1. The World Is Complete (Lawton)
2. Halfpenny Field (Lawton)
3. Peace (Lawton/Muttock)
4. Going To California (Page/Plant)
5. Abraham’s Theme (Vangelis)
6. Live It Up (Holweger/Lawton/Muttock)

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Band: Orangutan
Title: Ember
Year: 2008



1. Diamond Dog
2. Live It Up
3. Ember
4. Cherie
5. Everything
6. Sooner
7. Red 7
8. Wilderness
9. Transmogrification
10. Two Lovers
11. Solar Brew
12. Eureka
13. Uncomplicated

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Band: Brontosaurus
Title: The Monkey And The Whale
Year: 2006

The CD artwork from the album, “The Monkey and the Whale”

The Monkey and the Whale

1. Introduction
2. Suitcase Of Love
3. Brown Eyed Head Case
4. Funky Booth
5. Interlude
6. Batty
7. Frog
8. The Elevator
9. Bomba
10. Pig
11. Ode To The Seal
12. Katanga
13. Nettle Soup
14. It Ain’t So Bad

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Band: The Zennor Project
Title: Twist (EP)
Year: 2001



1. This Is How It Is
2. Welcome Me
3. Absolutely Nothing
4. Cory Mico Wyom
5. Statichorse80
6. Showtime

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Band: Orangutan
Title: Surprised Coconut (EP)
Year: 2000

Surprised Coconut

Surprised Coconut

1. Adventure Land
2. The Window
3. Home
4. Mist
5. Baboon
6. Nein Zu Frankreich Atom Tests

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