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"This Too Shall Pass"

The debut album from The Home Fires, released in 2013. Click image to download from i-tunes.

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The Wood Room session, The Home Fires and past bands...

Watch 'Going To California'

A performance of the Led Zeppelin classic interpreted on the piano.

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Will's complete discography is available with links to many songs online, including the music of The Home Fires, Orangutan, Brontosaurus and The Zennor Project.

Featured song

“Celebrity” (Capp, Lawton, Muttock)

This song features on The Home Fires’ album, ‘This Too Shall Pass’, released in 2013.  It was recorded at Real World Studios and features the good friends and wonderful musicians, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, who incidentally, were winners of the best duo at the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  This song and album are available to buy through itunes.

Nikki Capp (vocals)
Phillip Henry (dobro)
Will Lawton (pianos and vocals)
Hannah Martin (vocals)
Neil Muttock (banjo and guitar)

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“Beautifully chilled….” (Hamish Baird)

I am a singer-songwriter, composer and pianist from the West Country, England.

My first instrument is the piano, second, my voice and third, the hang. I have played a key part in writing and recording three albums throughout my life with The Home Fires, Orangutan and Brontosaurus – all of which are available to listen to and buy through this site.

Music has been a part of my life ever since I remember and like most singer/songwriters, my tunes simply reflect me and my life. I am passionate about playing real pianos and feel completely at home whether I’m sat behind a battered, barely-in-tune upright, or a stunning Bosendorfer.

I’m currently working on a new live set with piano and drums so look forward to seeing you at a gig very soon.  I hope you enjoy exploring this site.




solo work.

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